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Actors We Worked With

Aliia Head Shot #1 theatrical.jpg

Aliia Roza

Aliia Roza is a TV presenter, producer, fashion model, actress, and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, California. Born in USSR, at the age of...

Gayla Goehl

A multi-dimensional artist, Gayla Goehl brings her passion, creativity, and vision to any medium within the entertainment industry that ...

Gayla Goehl

Veronica Scheyving

Veronica is a wonderful addition to any cast in film, TV and especially musical theater, which is her passion......

Jared Price

Jared Price's career in the arts began when he was just six years old. After he had...

Matthew J. Wayne

Matthew was born in West Hills, CA, in 2002, to an Asian mother (of Indonesian/Chinese descent), from Palembang, Indonesia originally and ...

Head Shot - Buns in hair.JPG


Cici Wei

Cici Wei was born in Beijing, China.  She came to the U.S. when she was just .......



Ernie James Paris

Ernie James Paris is a multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, producer.........


John William Young

John William "Johnny" Young is a character actor, writer and all around entertainment.......

JWY head shot.jpg

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