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Ernie James Paris

Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Ernie James Paris was raised in San Jose, CA., lived in Philomath, OR, Los Angeles, CA and Meridian, ID.  Ernie is a multi - instrumentalist, song writer and music producer who performs live and records in the studio.  
His latest projects involve a collaboration of musicians who record on my song releases on TuneCore for steaming, downloads, stores and featured music recorded for my music books sold worldwide on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
Ernie has performed playing bass guitar with The Coasters, The Darrell Mansfield Band world tour 1988, PBS televised friends of John Denver shows playing bass guitar for the founding members of the New Christy Minstrels and all other acts. Also, backed up Pearl Brick and Frank Castenette playing guitar and bass. 
As a co-producer of the Christmas Around the World CD in 2016, he and his co-producers released recorded music featuring Pat Boone, Freda Payne, Ambrosia, Dave Crosby, Bing Crosby's Grandson with fellow producers and artist Michael Mickey Durio, (Motown), Paris5000 Music and Film and Russ Neibert, his manager at AA&M Promotions. 
Ernie has also worked in production for The Grammys 51st & 52nd awards and the Grammys MusiCares charities honoring Sir Paul McCartney and other honorees to raise funds to assist musicians in need. MusiCares helped Ernie in the past and it is a very rewarding experience for Ernie to be involved today, by donating some of the proceeds from his music & music books sales. 
Ernie also produced Dolph Lundgren's Shark Lake movie and other film projects and worked and trained under Mark D' Alessandro (Sly Stallone's stunt double in 28 of his movies), as a stunt man and as Mark's assistant stunt coordinator for a boxing movie. I enjoy acting, coordinating and producing films.  You can find him on IMDB by searching: Ernie James Paris. 
Ernie has authored several music books, Jump Start Guitar - Arrangement method for songwriters, Jumpstart Songwriter, A Cat Named Steve And A Dog Named Doug and others to be released. 
Ernie really enjoys inviting other musicians to record in person or remotely on my music projects and sitting in with bands. 

Ernie James Paris - Music Resume 2024: 

Producer, Songwriter, Session and performing music artist, Engineer, Music book Author. 
ASCAP member. 
Paris5000 music & film, Los Angeles, CA. 
Jumpstart guitar productions, Meridian, ID. 
GenRev productions, Meridian, ID. 
Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Engineer: TuneCore 
2022 – 2024 14 single releases and 1 album. 
Another 30 songs are in process to be released over the next several months. 
1987 – 2021 over 50 single releases, album and CD’s. 
Producer, Music Author, Recording Artist & Song Writer, Engineer:   
Jump Start Guitar, Arrangement method for songwriter’s music book with featured song download. Amazon, Barnes & Noble. 
A cat named Steve and a dog named Doug, music book with featured song download. Amazon, Barnes & Noble. 
Producer, Recording Artist, Arranger & Engineer.  
“Christmas Around the World” CD by Paris 5000 Music & Film Entertainment featuring music tracks recorded by, Pat Boone, Freda Payne, Ambrosia, David Crosby (Bing Crosby’s grandson). 
Performing music artist with: 
The Coasters, (Leon Hughes) 
The Darrell Mansfield Band, (world tour 1988) 
The New Christy Minstrels PBS specials, Friends of John Denver. 
Friends of John Denver PBS specials, Friends of John Denver. 
Eric Turner 
Frank Castanette  
Pearl Brick 
Music production employment: 
51st & 52nd Grammys. 
The Grammys – Musicares “Sargent Peppers” at USC honoring 
The Beatles producer Sir George Martin. 
The Grammys - Musicares charity event, “Person of the Year” honoring 
Sir Paul McCartney, Neil Diamond, Neil Young & Barbara Streisand. 


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REPRESENTATION: Russ Neibert, Manager



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