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Russ Neibert

the entertainment maestro, originally hailing from St. Louis, MO, USA, now based inLos Angeles/Hollywood, CA, USA: Russ’s journey is a blend of business acumen and creative flair that has shaped a career as fascinating as the stories he brings to life. “I’ve only worked for a company twice in my lifetime, Russ declares, emphasizing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Between 1987 and 2001, he owned and operated a boatyard in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Yet, his creative instincts led him to dabble in songwriting, collaborating with renowned musicians and composers during his spare time.

Family is a cornerstone for Russ, and his experience as a father played a pivotal role in his foray into the entertainment industry. When his youngest son expressed a desire to become a “Disney Kid” at the age of six, Russ embarked on a journey that would intertwine his destiny with the allure of Hollywood.


Managing his son’s acting career became the catalyst for Russ’s deeper involvement in the industry. Learning the ropes on various sets, engaging with professionals, and founding AA&M Promotions in 2012, Russ became a connector of talents, orchestrating collaborations and creating opportunities for actors, writers, directors and producers.

With notable projects that Russ had a hand in like Mrs. Henderson’s Cat (an award-winning SAG short film), and the Indie feature film CAMP (a Roebuck Media Entertainment production), Russ’s passion for storytelling evolved. Now, as he steps into bigger ventures, he envisions bringing entertaining, funny, and action-packed stories to the silver screen.


Beyond film, Russ’s musical background shines through. In 2016, he co-produced a Christmas CD, “Christmas Around The World,” featuring artists like Freda Payne, Pat Boone and Ambrosia. Currently serving as the Admissions Director at Gary Spatz’s The Playground: A Young Actor’s Conservatory, an elite on-camera acting school for kids, teens and young adults that has been rated in the TOP 3 in the country as an acting school, helps Russ to leverage his industry knowledge and connections.


Russ’s many years of networking in the entertainment industry at awards shows, industry events and on red carpets around the country is now

proving to have been time well invested, as his many contacts and friends in the industry afford him opportunities to bring great stories to life

on the big screen.

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