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Matthew J Wayne


Matthew was born in West Hills, CA, in 2002, to an Asian mother (of Indonesian/Chinese descent), from Palembang, Indonesia originally and an American Caucasian father (of Scotch/Irish/German decent). Matthew grew up for the most part in the west San Fernando Valley area, in the suburbs of the great city of Los Angeles, CA. At the age of 6, Matthew auditioned for and was accepted into the elite Young Actors Conservatory at Gary Spatz's: The Playground, in Beverly Hills, CA. Matthew had no acting experience at the time, only a dream to become an actor and/or singer/entertainer. Soon after starting acting school, and in the summer of 2009, at age 7, Matthew was recognized for his innate talent and gift of 'making people laugh', at a Performance Showcase at The Playground and signed by a talent management company. Soon after this, Matthew landed his first agent representation, Abrams Artists (for commercial) and soon afterward began building his resume, with numerous student films, independent films and background work on TV shows, such as The Ghost Whisperer and Eastwick. Matthew did his first lead in a commercial for Trek Livestrong Bicycles, in the winter of 2010, followed soon afterward, with a minor part in a Wal-Mart commercial as a backup player. Matthew added to his resume, with a run of short films, shooting 7 shorts in a span of 8 months between June of 2010 and March of 2011. He added two independent feature film roles, one shot in December, 2010 (The Guest House) and the other one (Two De Force) wrapping, in June, 2011 and released in June of 2012.  All of this hard work earned Matthew his first theatrical agent representation, in early spring, 2010. Matthew graduated the 2 year Kids Professional Program at Gary Spatz’s: The Playground, in May, 2011. It was at that time that Matthew landed commercial/theatrical agent representation, with Coast To Coast Talent Group. Matthew is extremely grateful to all who have gotten him this far and very grateful to have worked with Coast To Coast Talent Group representing him theatrically and commercially, as well as William Morris Endeavor - WME-Los Angeles representing him for several years, up until 2015.


It was at this time, in early 2015, at the age of 13, that Matthew parted ways with his manager of 2 years, and was fortunate to hire on his new manager, Mia Cho, of the Vincent Cirrinciones Associates Ltd. talent management firm. This is the same firm that represents the likes of Halle Berry.  Mia sought new agent representation for Matthew and in very short order; Matthew was signed across the board, for theatrical and commercial agent representation by IDEAL Talent Agency, Mr. Ryan Haden & Lara Feinstein.


Currently, Matthew is managed by AA&M Promotions (due to his father’s, Russ’s becoming much more involved in the industry and proving to be very capable of handling clients’ needs).  Matthew’s current agent representation is with Coast To Coast Talent Agency, in Los Angeles, CA.

Some highlights of Matthew's young career include, being invited to and acting as a presenter at the 2010 OMNI Awards for Young Actors & Musicians, which he repeated again at the 2011 event, and a nomination for a Best Actor Award at the 32nd Annual Young Artist Awards, for his role in WURM. In September, 2011, Matthew starred in a new kids cartoon, voicing the lead character role, for Home Plate Entertainment, produced by Bill Schultz (The Simpsons, and more...) aired on Disney JR Cable television network. Matthew did 52 episodes on this one! Meanwhile, he continued on other projects as well.  In 2012, Matthew won the Omni’s Best Actor Award for kids ages 5 to 11, for a leading role in TV or Film, for his lead role in the SAG Short Film: Mrs. Henderson’s Cat, directed by Will Pellegrini.

Matthew's Resume

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