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Cici Wei



Cici Wei was born in Beijing, China.  She came to the U.S. when she was just 11 years old, with her mother, to make their way here in the U.S., in a new life.  Cici began to show an innate talent for acting at an early age and by 14, was eager to get into some sort of training for her dream to become an actress.  In 2019, Cici's mom brought her to the top ranked on-camera acting conservatory, Gary Spatz's The Playground: A Young Actor's Conservatory, in Los Angeles, CA and enrolled her in the program there.  By the time, Cici was finishing up the beginner portion of the program and moving into the advanced portion, leading up to the professional program, she was spotted by AA&M Talent Management's Russ Neibert and quickly signed on as an up and coming new actress.  Cici speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese fluently and is learning French as well.  Cici is also taking guitar lessons and love music as much as acting.  In addition to that, she is taking golf lessons and obviously keeps a very busy schedule, as a young lady making her way into American lifestyles and pursuing her dreams.  

In spring of 2020, amid the great Covid-19 Pandemic, Cici booked her first film role, in a Japanese production called: Drain Away: Is Single-Minded A Punishment? as the lead actress's alter ego/stand-in role.  She is also on avail, for a Chinese commercial, to be filmed here in the states, for Lunar New Year and has fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed to get that role.  

AA&M Promotions Talent Management is very excited to have Cici as part of their roster and looking forward to some great things, with this talented young Asian lady.   Stay tuned........ 

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