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Film Production

Russ Neibert, President of AA&M Productions, harbors a profound affection for filmmaking and has been deeply involved in the creative process from an early stage. With his child actor, now a teen actor, Russ has spent countless hours on the sets of feature films and television productions, absorbing knowledge, engaging in conversations with industry insiders, and expanding his network.


Over time, AA&M Productions has amassed a vast array of contacts, enabling us to offer consulting, directorial assistance, production services, and access to film funding opportunities for aspiring filmmakers. With a diverse clientele encompassing actors, directors, writers, producers, and music artists, AA&M Productions boasts a robust talent pool equipped to meet your project's demands.


In 2015, Russ Neibert partnered with client James Chalke to establish a production company, operating under Mr. Chalke's own production company and LLC based in Nevada. While this partnership is dedicated to our internal film projects and scripts, AA&M Productions eagerly welcomes submissions of scripts and screenplays for consideration, as we strive to collaborate and create cinematic magic together. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact Russ.

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