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Dayanna Price 


Dayanna Price is a young actress out of Michigan, who came west to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue her career in the entertainment industry.  


The energetic, charismatic, and dedicated Dayanna Price is ready to give the West Coast her triple threat mentality and skill. Beginning at a very young age, Dayanna was always singing,  dancing, and acting all around Kalamazoo, Michigan. Whether it was a local park,  an auditorium stage, or a local playhouse she was there. Starting at 12, Dayanna entered her middle school choir and with the help of Theresa Johnson, she stayed heavily involved in choral events, musicals, and plays all the way up until her senior year of high school. 


During that six year period she was an ongoing member of the MSVMA Regional and State Honors Choir, and MSVMA’s All-State Honors Choir. She also participated in MSVMA’s Solo & Ensemble competitions receiving Superior Ratings each year; all while juggling Advanced Placement classes, an extensive Track & Field career, and playing lead roles like: Vanessa from In The Heights and Olivia from Home on The Mornin’ Train.


Graduating high school in 2017 with 3 college credits, she took off to New York City a week after to attend 

AMDA NY. Immediately after finishing the conservatory she continued her performing arts education at AMDA LA, graduating with a BFA in Performing Arts in 2020. From both campuses she enhanced her musical skills, and learned many great acting and dancing techniques from many professors new and experienced in the industry. A few to mention: Diane Ciesla, Kevin Ramsey, Natalie Avital, Dee Tomasetta, Tracy Silver, and Victoria Lavan. 


Since returning to Los Angeles in September 2020, Dayanna has gotten to be on such shows like Let’s Make a Deal and Dr. Phil. Along with working on upcoming projects with producer Alander Pulliam. With the support from Talent Consultant LA, Sam Mekonnen, Dayanna was able to meet and sign with Russ Neibert and AA&M Talent Management. Today she continues to advance her skills by making music at recording studios, taking online ballet classes with Tracy Silver, and continuing her acting training at Gary Spatz’s The Playground, with director Gayla Goehl in her young adult class. 


Dayanna is thrilled to share her unique creativity and determined work ethic to the entertainment industry to be a part of something bigger. “It Won’t Be Long Now!”


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