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Kelley Welte


Kelley is the quintessential Southern California girl, born and raised in Newport Beach, CA, Kelley began to feel the desire to act at an early age and has pursued her career with passion and a burning desire to succeed.  The “typical blonde”, from the beaches of Southern California is rather chameleon like when she sometimes goes dark, with her hair color, completely changing her “look” and ability to be cast as many different ethnicities, from Spanish, to Italian, to Mexican and even Middle Eastern!  She can play the bad ass femme fatale, just as well as the ditzy blonde soccer mom and her dramatic range is very strong, with a flip side comedic timing that will have audiences saying “WOW”! 


Kelley continues to hone her craft with constant acting classes and workshops and is poised to land that breakout role that will soon make her a household name. 

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